Mike Resnick's Worldcons
Introduction by Robert Silverberg

Mike Resnick's Worldcons With an introduction by Robert Silverberg

Limited edition: 120 numbered copies
ISBN 978-88-6276-126-0
324 pages, softcover
$23.00 - 17,00€
ebook coming soon


—    Want to know what happened at the notorious Baycon?
—    Want the transcriptions of Mike’s Guest of Honor and Toastmaster speeches?
—    Want the history of Worldcon masquerades?
—    Want a bunch of Worldcon diaries?
—    Want to know what programming was like, then and now?
—    Want to share memories of a couple of dozen pre-2000 Worldcons?
—    Want to know what to do at your first Worldcon?

It’s all here, from 5-time Hugo winner and Worldcon Guest of Honor Mike Resnick—and with an introduction by Worldcon Guest of Honor and Nebula Grand Master Robert Silverberg.

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