Veronika Santo
The Venetian Clock and other stories
Edited by Annarita Guarnieri

Mike Resnick's Worldcons With an introduction by Robert Silverberg

ISBN 978-88-6276-129-1
150 pages, softcover
£6,70 - $11.50 - 8,50€
ebook coming soon

In the seven stories collected here you will discover the fantastic worlds created by Veronika Santo.

— An ancient clock based on mathematical principles is the only hope for a man doomed by cancer
— The flying circus has come in the city. You won’t need any money to enter there, but they will weigh you and your memories—and maybe take them away
— One day Barbara saw a little blood stain glimmering above her left knee. It was nothing serious... or was it?
— A gang whose members steal biometric data to enjoy what they are missing the most
— The remains of a statue on a small pedestal, the large talon of a bird of prey... is this ancient temple in Southern Italy still the abode of some forgotten god?
— Two friends who go hunting, a strange hare... and an alien being lurking in a Balkan forest
—  The Beauty and the Beast tale, revisited through dream-tapes.

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