Edwin Charles Tubb
Greater Than Infinity

Edited by Philip Harbottle

Mike Resnick's Worldcons With an introduction by Robert Silverberg

Limited edition: 100 numbered copies
ISBN 978-88-6276-125-3
186 pages, softcover
£9.50 - 12,00€
ebook coming soon

Across six decades, under his own name and scores of pseudonyms, E. C. Tubb produced an incredible amount of science fiction and fantasy, as well as many novels in other genres. In science fiction alone, he wrote over 200 short stories and more than 130 books. Gathered together here is a new collection of his classic early stories, many here reprinted for the first time!

IRON HEAD - Using his wits, a humble earthman becomes the Master of the Galaxy!
GREEK GIFT - The aliens had promised eternal life to the peoples of Earth... but could they be trusted?
FRESH GUY - After a devastating atomic war, the Earth was inherited by creatures of legend...
THIRTY-SEVEN TIMES - Professor Gregor Wantage, autocratic Head of a Scientific Research establishment died, and was buried. Then his former assistant began to receive visitations and further instructions from him—apparently alive!
POOR HENRY - Henry was a Martian colonist who strove to do the best he could for his ambitious wife… but it didn’t do him any good!
GREATER THAN INFINITY - In the depths of interstellar space, a new legend was born...
SPACE HOBO - Dusty Dribble, the greatest interplanetary salesman, was his own worst enemy!

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