Bruno Vitiello
Black Venus
Edited by Annarita Guarnieri

Mike Resnick's Worldcons With an introduction by Robert Silverberg

ISBN 978-88-6276-127-7
268 pages, softcover
£9,50 - $16.00 - 12,00€
ebook coming soon

In this book we have collected five sf short stories and one novel by Bruno Vitiello.

—    A city where Astrologer decides everything in your life
—    A future in which “you judge a man by his clothes”
—    An alien race speaking through colors
—    A mysterious yellow line that can’t be crossed
—    What happens when you try to give a proper Christian burial to 50 Nazi SS.

You will also read how men will struggle through the Black Venus, horrible plague spread by women in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a new Teutonic Order whose weapons are swords, death rays and faith—and how they will behave with women...

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